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How do you Make Cake Pops?


Cake pops are a very popular treat. Where I live there have been several sightings of people selling cake pops at the local farmers market. A few bites of cake, coated in chocolate, on a stick – super cute, delicious, and fairly easy to make.

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • Cake: any of your favorite recipes should work – though I will caution you, super oily cakes may be problematic – read, the oil may escape the chocolate/crack the chocolate, etc. I prefer using butter cakes for cake pops, or I’ll cut down on the amount of oil in an oil-based recipe.
  • Buttercream (or cream cheese icing, chocolate ganache, etc): keep in mind that frostings with perishable ingredients will need to be refrigerated. I’ve never had problems refrigerating cake pops.
  • Chocolate: Get the chunk of dipping chocolate. I use the dipping and enrobing formula for cake pops. Some stores sell special candy coloring for chocolate as well, so you can get as fancy as you like with colors!
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Baking sheet, lined with parchment or a silicone mat
  • Styrofoam block, or anything with lollipop stick sized holes in it. Be careful not to poke ALL the way through your styrofoam block; you want the stick to be able to stand up right, but not be so deep that the cake is too close to the styrofoam (it’ll be really hard to place without disturbing wet chocolate).
  • A small, deep, microwave-safe bowl. You need to be able to stick a cake pop into the chocolate straight and have it all be covered. Things turn into a mess quickly when you don’t have enough chocolate in the bowl, and you need to tip it in order to cover your cake pop.


  1. Crumble your cake into uniform crumbs. A food processor can be helpful here, but it’s pretty easy to use your hands as well.
  2. Mix in enough frosting so that the cake holds together when squeezed. You should be able to roll a firm ball that holds its shape. I tend to add a different amount of frosting depending on what recipe I use; add slowly and test the consistency frequently.

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